Since we have been in the studio recording again, I have had a long time to think and ponder over a few things, so I thought I would share something that’s been on my mind. I’ve been playing music since I was 15 years old with a dream to do it professionally. I’m sure there is a large number of people who could say the same thing. I mean, who doesn’t want to be rockstar! However, I learned quickly how difficult, expensive, and time consuming doing something like that is. So, after the band I was a part of in my earlier years broke up, I kinda put all that on the back burner as something I would possibly do later, but not at the moment. As time went on, my passion for it grew deeper, but I needed to be serious about life. I would tell myself, “You have to grow up.”, “You need to get a real job and start planning for your future.” So, I did. The problem with that though, was the more I did those things, the unhappier I got. From society’s standards, I probably couldn’t do much better. I graduated college, got a decent job, and bought a house. Although, as proud as I am for myself at those accomplishments, they didn’t and haven’t meant that much to me. Wanna know biggest reason for that disappointment? It’s really simple: I wasn’t passionate about those things. I’m most passionate about the part of me that I tucked away for years as a “maybe some day” thing; Making music and writing songs.

So, I decided to make a change about 2 years ago, and start over. I made a goal to play shows, write songs, and record a full length album. In a couple months, I will have attained all of those. There are more goals ahead too, but you’ve got to start small when your dealing with things you want for yourself. This whole process hasn’t been easy though. I’ve spent a lot of money, ran myself ragged playing shows while working a full time job, and stayed indoors many nights and weekends practicing. Who knows, I might have actually found a girlfriend if I hadn’t been so preoccupied! The sacrifice has been hard but I’m really close now to crossing some things off my life’s bucket list, and that’s worth it.

You see, I think everyone one of us has a very real part of ourselves, that isn’t always exercised, but is so very crucial to our well being because it makes us who we want to be: real. We all want to be real with ourselves and with other people. Maybe you want to be a great dad, wife, policeman, teacher, video gamer, brother, friend, rockstar, artist, nurse, designer, etc… We all know what that thing is for ourselves, because we all get that feeling when we think about how cool it would be to do it. You have to make a decision, though, at some point. Am I gonna stay unhappy, always wishing for something else? Or am I gonna do something about the things I want? It’s really simple. Nobody has ever gotten anywhere by sitting on their hands. Quit putting off something you really want for yourself as a “maybe one day” thing. Realize that everything is a process, it’s time to start, and it’s difficult for a reason. Learn it and do it.

I’m not writing this to pump sunshine up everyone’s behinds so they “follow their dreams” and all that jazz, but rather to encourage you (and myself) to tap into the real person we want to be. Imagine if there were more “real” people in the world, just how many things might have been written, created, prevented, or invented by now, just because they decided to follow something they were passionate about. I am by no means an accomplished musician or songwriter but I’m hoping that with more work, that day will come. I hope that day comes for all of us.


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