It’s always fun getting together to track some music, so we decided to give folks a little taste of what is was like putting our demo together. We recorded in Pensacola with Michael Bishop who is a good friend of ours that took some time out of his insanely busy schedule and helped us put it all together with very limited time. He is extremely talented and is definitely one of the reasons that these sessions ran as smooth as they did.

The best thing about documenting our work, whether it be in studio, or live, is that our viewers get to see snippets of us as we are. In saying that, I mean that we want people to always see the passionate aggressive side that we have in taking what we do seriously, but also the slapstick ridiculous humor that feeds our creative sides. We’re just a few dudes that love to play music together, trying to keep the dull moments to a minimum, and we hope to continue to share our good times with others.



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