Who We Are

Though the members of strange her have been playing together for almost 10 years, they have taken on many different forms. TJ, Marshall, and Neal began their careers in a punk post hardcore band called “Heretics and Heroes“. That band lasted for about 3 years before taking a indefinite hiatus. Each member went their own way after the break up, but a few years later, rejoined with the idea of playing music again. They played a few covers here and there mostly of their favorite underground bands, but then decided they should play rock n roll covers to make some extra cash on the weekends.

Here’s where Ian made his entrance. When the guys decided to play covers, they needed a guitarist and Ian had all the tools to fit the mold… plus they had all been friends since college, so that made the new addition a smooth transaction. The new band played for 2 years under the name “Stag Nation“. The whole idea was built around playing covers of some of the greats like, “the Rolling Stones” and “Led Zeppelin” to fuel the need they all had for rock n roll. However, by the end of that 2 years, Stag Nation had become a conduit for what the members of the band always wanted… a chance to write and play their own rock n roll built off the great bands from the past merged with the rock sounds from their own generation.

Out of Stag Nation, birthed a Strange Her, and a future of more original rock n roll to come.

Band Members


Ian Rupp



TJ Adkison



Marshall Meeker



Neal Thompson


Want to know more?

We would love to talk! Feel free to catch us any time after shows to talk or shoot the breeze or whatever. We’re people people, and always enjoy getting to know folks.

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