We’ve been playing music together for a long time. Pictured above is Heretics and Heroes, the band we started in high-school, and kept alive through the majority of our college years, finally coming to a close in the beginning of 2009. During our run we got to open for some great bands, such as ShowbreadAsCitiesBurn, and Save Our Ship, go on a couple week tour across eight states, and in 2008 we released an EP. We had a great time, and got a small taste of what doing it full time would be like. Like everything else though, life happens, and doing the full time music thing wasn’t in the cards for some of the guys. Though, some of us couldn’t let it end there.

Admittedly, six years is a long time to get things figured out, though, we haven’t been completely dormant. But whether we’re in our twenties or in our fifties, music is what we want to do, and we can’t ignore that innate desire any more. Our goal this year is to let people know we exist, and record and release a full length album to take on the road.

I know it’s ambitious, and maybe even a little crazy to attempt in our late twenties, but if six years isn’t long enough to extinguish this dream, I feel like doing anything else would just be strange.

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